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Luxury Car Hire

Experience the amazing New Zealand scenery, behind the wheel of something truly special. From astonishing Mountain passes to Lakes and Rivers, explore Aotearoa in a Masarati Gran Turismo or other Luxury European car.

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Maserati Gran Turismo

High performance engineering meets innovation and technology. Enjoy queenstown and all the travel in between venues.

Luxury Car Hire

Porsche Cayenne S

The Cayenne S takes SUV performance to new levels. The V8 growls like a bear in Sports mode and in comfort mode it can be extremely civilized and well-behaved, a very enjoyable long distance tourer

Luxury Car Hire

Maserati GranTurismo

The Maserati GranTurismo is one of the best-looking cars of our era, with gaping front grille, bulging wheelarches and a kicked up tail. With a Ferrari-derived Engine it will leave you enthralled.